Tank containers are required to be at least 80% full, to prevent dangerous surging of the liquids in transit. On the other hand, they must not as a rule be over 95% full, or there will not be sufficient ullage space for thermal expansion.

Food grade tank containers being transported must be labeled “Potable Liquids only”.
Some hazardous materials must be transported in tank containers with no bottom outlets and are fitted with a siphon tube and top discharge valves for loading and discharge.

Tank containers are generally designed for an operating pressure from 1.75 (IMO/2) to 4 bar (IMO/1). IMO/1 Tank containers are generally used for highly hazardous cargoes whilst IMO/2 tank containers are used for low to medium cargoes.

20ft / 40ft ISO Tank Container, HCL ISO Tank container Stainless Steel Storage Tank,, Diesel Storage Tank, Rubber Lined Tanks, FRP Lined Tank, Water tank, Portable Tank, Road.

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